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About Us / Management Team

The Story of Farmers Future

Randy Fornaciari CEO : Randy brings 40 years of sustainable and commercial farming management & operations experience as an independent family farm owner of Fornaciari Farms, one of Northern California’s largest independent growers of tomatoes, asparagus, beets, bell peppers, sugar beets and sweet corn.


Randy’s skill set expanded from to operations/sales to grower/buyer relationships thru consulting for Ruston & Co, Spencer Fruit, Progressive Produce, Grower’s Express and Newstar Fresh Foods leading their operations, sales & marketing of growers & packers to meet the demands of the largest buyer commodities in today’s market including Del Monte, Heinz and Contadina. Randy understands the decision-making challenges for farm operators that include the lack of access to sustainable organic inputs to increase yields, reduce operation cost while rejuvenating their farms soil

health foundation for future harvests.


Randy & his wife Elke established Farmers Future LP as an independent distributorship to source performance based, certified organic agriculture input products that are typically less known, compete with Big Ag and deliver increased crop yield results, enhancing soil health while minimizing costs and reducing environmental harm.


Education: Stanford University


Elke Fornaciari VP of Sales & Marketing: Elke has over 30 years of medical research , sales & marketing expertise who became impassioned with sustainable Agriculture as a result of extensive microbial research contributing to health benefits .


Elke’s corporate sales experience in segments including education, health, financial services and german automobiles include career positions at Tamalpais Bank, World Book, Mercedes Benz and medical research facilities in Germany. Elke leads Farmers

Future L.P. in Sales /Marketing and Operations and has contributed to establishing our initial farmer client base including the trust of the largest commercial and sustainable farm operators in Northern California.


Education: April 1976 – April 1978 Berufsbildungs Zentrum Wuerzburg, Germany


Vocational College for Physicians Assistant

April 1971 – April 1975 Schoenborn Gymnasium Wuerzburg, Germany

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